Why yoga?

I’m 35 and have been doing yoga for a long time.  The physical practice anyway.  The ‘asanas’.  I got into it thanks to my little sister, and admittedly a degree of vanity (’cause “yoga bodies”, am I right?!)  Little sis went to Victoria, stayed at an Ashram and completed her yoga teacher training. From there, initially to support her (and my vanity), I would go to the classes she taught in the basement of her townhouse.  She decorated it with colourful scarves and a handful of women would meet there and practice.

That’s not to say I was wholly committed.  Like most things in my life I enjoyed it immensely when I did it, but not being the most self motivated person  you’ve ever met, I’d also go days, weeks, sometimes a couple of years in between practices.

In the past year I’ve gotten into it more seriously, and a friend of mine who is taking her teacher training inspired me to do the same.  The course at my studio of choice (the studio where I practice) had already begun, but I was able to start late, play catch up, and am now nearly finished.  There is so much more to yoga than the ‘asanas’.  As I learn more about the philosophy of yoga, the more I want to learn.  That’s not to say I still don’t have days where I don’t practice, because I most certainly do, but it’s slowly becoming a part of my day to day.

So that’s where I’m at… the head of the trail in my yoga journey